By Jacque Reid

There was a collective gasp heard ’round the world when news broke that actor/activist George Clooney had ‘put a ring on it’.   Clooney had almost become more famous for being happily single (publically pledging to never marry again after a brief marital union in his 20s),  than for his critically acclaimed work in Hollywood.     But last month we learned that a lovely British lawyer has won his heart and Clooney is off the market.  I must admit, this news disappointed me at first.  Clooney, along with Oprah, was my go to example of how to be fabulously Single.  But then I realized that Clooney can still be useful to the S&LF girl in 3 specific ways:

1.  Enjoy your Single life!

There are countless photographs of Clooney living the good life.  Who hasn’t seen him laughing it up at awards shows, hanging out near his villa in Italy, on a boat throwing back cocktails, etc.  Whether he had a woman in his arms or surrounded himself with good friends, there was no question he was loving life as a Single.  Did he have moments of  sadness about being lonely?  Maybe.  But if he did, he sure balanced that out with making the good times count!

2.  Don’t be ashamed of being Single!

Society makes it easier for a man to take pride in being Single.  But women can borrow from Clooney’s confidence when confronted about Singleness. In just about every interview, Clooney was asked about his marital status.  Was he going to marry the woman he was dating at the moment?  When would he ever settle down?  Clooney, in his ever charming way, would smile and maybe make a joke, but he would be clear that he had no intention of getting married.  He had no problem with saying it out loud, head held high.  He never let anyone make him feel ashamed of being Single.  Even if you don’t choose to be Single, don’t wear it like a badge of shame.

3.  Wait for what you want and deserve!

Over the years, Clooney coupled up with  many ‘nice girls’ that were very attractive by Hollywood standards.   But for whatever reason, those relationships never went the distance.    Because of who he is, Clooney probably had access to many wonderful women who wanted to be Mrs. Clooney, but he didn’t budge.  He did not give into pressure from society, family or friends and just settle down for the sake of settling down.  He was willing to live the rest of his life as a Single, instead of marrying someone that he wasn’t truly compatible with.

The bottom line is live your best life so that even if the ‘right’ one never comes along, your journey will still be epic.