One thing I know I need to change about myself is being more independent when it comes to being a car owner.   Top on my list of ‘what I love about having a boyfriend’ is that HE can take care of any issues that come up with my car.  Real talk… I don’t even know how to change my own tire. There… I said it. Before you judge me, let me say that I have decided to make finally make a change, because how can I be “Single and Fab” if I can’t handle my own car emergencies??  So, I decided to start with baby steps with the help of car expert Jeff Fortson. He said the first step I needed to take is putting these must-have items in my car. I decided to share :-).

A Cell Charger. These days you should have one for both the home and the car. You never know when you’ll be low on juice (power) and in need of a charge. Also, some cell phone services offer roadside assistance packages, which provide towing, tire repair, a battery jump-off service and other services for a slight up charge on your monthly bill. Check with your cell provider to see if this service is available.

A (Winter) Travel Bag. With the winter we’ve had, every independent woman should keep a travel bag filled with healthy snacks, bottles of water, a heavy blanket, disinfectant wipes, a travel makeup kit so you’re looking fab, and comfortable walking shoes, preferably shoes to tread through the snow.

A Working Spare Tire. While some new cars today are being built without a spare tire as a result of the automakers need to increase fuel mileage, unfortunately that is not the case for most of the older vehicles. To be on the safe side, make sure your vehicle, old or new, is equipped with a working spare or full size tire.

A Tire Repair Kit. Just in case you need to fix a flat, stores like Walmart and Advance Auto Parts offer tire repair kits which can be purchased for as low as $30. This kit includes a tire gauge, which can allow you to inflate your tire at the drop of a dime.

A First Aid Kit. You never know when you’ll be in need of bandages, alcohol wipes, tweezers, ibuprofen, antiseptic hand cleaner and sterile gauzes. These kits are also available at your local retailer.

It also wouldn’t hurt to keep some windshield washer fluid and battery cables in your vehicle, too.

About Jeff Fortson
Jeff Fortson is auto analyst and the editor of, a car-buying educational weblog geared toward women and people of color. Follow him on Twitter @JeffCars.