Did you hear that Caitlyn Jenner could be worth far more as a brand than she was as Bruce Jenner?  That’s according to entertainment media speculation.  The reports are that while Bruce could only earn about $25,000 for a speech, Caitlyn will earn $100,000 or more.  Isn’t it something that, by living her truth, Caitlyn could become one of the most successful personalities of our time?  It took her 60 plus years, but she finally found the courage.

The dictionary defines courage as, “having the ability to do something you know is difficult”.  In my book, one of the most difficult things a woman can do is be Single and over 35, without children.  It grows increasingly difficult with every year that passes.  That is not to say that we Single women can’t be happy, most of us live very fulfilling lives… it’s just existing as a Single women comes with challenges.

The primary hurdle is  societal expectations.  You know, that thinking that women are supposed to marry and become mothers.  That is so ingrained in most of our psyche, that it seems odd, even somewhat wrong for a women to be Single and without children after a certain age.  I think people see those women quickly moving out of their prime… those years when you looks and your fertility are at their youthful best… which makes you less desirable to men.  The thinking is if you don’t snag a man in time, you will have to grow old alone… in a tiny one bedroom apartment that is full of cats and empty tv dinner trays.   This thinking pushes family, friends and even co-workers to constantly harass you about getting married.  That is tremendous pressure.

But that pales in comparison to the pressure Single women can put on ourselves.  We are raised with the same mindset, so most of us my begin to wonder if something is wrong with us if we don’t have a husband or have children.

In addition, just like everyday in a marriage is not perfect, neither is everyday as a Single woman.  There are many of us who spend plenty of days (and nights) wishing we had a man who made us his priority.   Whether it’s companionship or car maintenance, having a man around is nice.

The easy thing to do is to settle for that  ‘as good as it gets’ dude, get married and have you some babies.  The courageous thing to do is to wait until the man that truly makes you happy comes along, stay Single if he never shows up, or just make the decision to remain Single and not have children

By the way, that idea of the cats and wine bottles is not the norm for Single women over a certain age.  Most are traveling, dating, participating in social activities, enjoying great careers and living spectacular lives.  Do you have the courage to be happy?