It is not uncommon for single girls to take a time out from sex when in between relationships, but going too long without any, well…”activity” might hurt your sex life down the road. Dr. Melody McCloud, M.D., author of ‘Living Well Despite Catching Hell’, says, “don’t let it get old and rusty, stale or dusty.”

McCloud adds, “the more frequently you have sex, the more pliable the vaginal tissue remains… especially if you are menopausal. Just like the rest of your body and exercise.”

And Dr. McCloud says no partner, no worries. She says it is important to self pleasure if you don’t have a sexual partner. Dr. McCloud says it’s even more important as women get older.

Aside from keeping your equipment in tip top shape, Dr. McCloud has a list of other benefits that come (ahem) with an active sex life:

-Improved performance at work
-Improved sleep
-Relieves stress, enhances mood
-Improves heart circulation and oxygenation
-Reduces chronic pain
-You will live longer