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It’s summertime, so that means you may be hosting a party or two. What better way to show off your hostess skills than to whip up some yummy cocktails? Of course as all Single and sexy ladies know, even a party is not an excuse to load up on calories and sugar. Fou-Dré,  a woman-owned infused vodka company, offers up some cocktail tips (and one awesome recipe) to make your summer sipping, spectacular.

Fit and Fab’ Summer Drinking Tips from FOU-DRÉ Vodka

  • Forget the Juice  Avoid sugary juices/ artificial sweeteners and embrace fresh fruits or light seltzer waters to give your cocktail that extra pop.   Ginger Beer is the perfect addition to a FOU-DRÉ summer cocktail- it contains no alcohol and can be found in most supermarkets. Typically used alongside Caribbean fare, Ginger Beer is a great drink mixer with summer grilled food favorites.
  • Go Brown Infusing your own ‘raw brown’  simple syrup is a healthier option than traditional refined sugar and can even save the frustration of waiting for sugar to dissolve in summer lemonades, sangrias, and punches.  Bring equal parts brown sugar and water to a boil, stirring and cook until sugar is fully dissolved.  Remove from heat and let cool. Then bottle in an air tight container and refridgerate.  Try adding pieces of chopped ginger root to the pot for ginger infused syrup.  Agave Nectar is another low-cal sweetener option that can be used for more besides a margarita!
  • More fruits and veggies please- Single ladies must drink for vitality!  Don’t be afraid to try cocktails  w/ basil leaves, lemongrass, mint,  pomegranate seeds, grapefruits and even cucumbers. Aside from having great health properties…they also make for the most reinvigorating cocktails! See the below recipes for great cocktail suggestions… Cheers to good health!
  • Master the muddle  Muddle fresh fruits and herbs into a cocktail for a refreshing and fragrant creation.  Combine a fresh fruit pick, herbs, and sweetener of choice to the bottom of a cocktail shaker or heavy glass.  Use the muddler to crush and ‘twist’ the concoction until the herbs and fruit are smashed together. The result of flavor is unlike no other!
  • Less is More  While summertime is the best time for a single lady to sizzle, we remember that less is more!!!  Whether on a backyard porch or rooftop HH, always be mindful when consuming alcohol in high temperatures.   As Always- Please drink responsibly!!!
Slices of fresh cucumber
1 mint sprig
1 wedged lime
1 tsp of simple syrup
1 can of club soda or ginger beer (optional)
In a rocks or Collins glass, muddle 1.5 pour of FOU-DRÉ Vodka, 2 lime wedges, mint, 2 cucumber slices, and simple syrup together.
Fill the glass w/ large ice cubes
Top with club soda or even ginger beer for unexpected refreshing taste
Shake or stir and enjoy!