By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief

I’ve made a big decision.  I’m giving up meat and dairy, and I’m only eating plant based food for the next 22 days. It’s called the 22 Day Vegan Challenge. Yep, the one made famous by Beyonce and Jay Z.  The program is based on the belief that it takes 21 days to create a new habit or break an old one (like stalking your ex on Facebook).  They basically throw in that extra day for kicks.  You can either sign up and get their starter kit… which includes a vegan based protein shake, a pretty specific mean plan with recipes, and some snack bars; or you can sign up for meal delivery.

I opted to utilize the starter kit and figure out the meals on my own by either cooking or going out to restaurants and making the most out of the menu.   Yesterday was my first day and I kicked things off with dinner at New York City’s Pure Food and Wine, which is a raw food restaurant.  It’s a pretty popular spot, despite the fact that there don’t use any meat or dairy, and nothing is cooked.  But they do have amazing wine and cocktails!  I must say, the food we ordered was surprising delicious and satisfying.  Not sure I could do the raw thing everyday, but not bad every once in a while.

Why am I giving the vegan challenge a try?   I have been dealing with so much stress and grief lately that I feel the need for a positive distraction.  I also needed something to help make sure that my body and my mind are as healthy as possible right now.  It’s easy to neglect yourself during troubling times and fall into some bad habits.  I have been doing that, but yesterday was a new day.  I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end of 22 days.