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Jacque’s Hair Intervention: Week 3

I am at the 3-week mark of my hair intervention and I must admit I am disappointed that I'm not seeing more evidence of growth. I get that 3 ...
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Jacque’s Hair Intervention: Week 2

As I go into week two of my "hair intervention", I realize that I am not stressing as much about my damaged tresses.  I am still not completely ...
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My hair in 2010. Flawless.

Jacque’s Hair Intervention

Thursday, March 6th 2014 is a day I thought would never come.  That is the day I decided to add hair to my hair.  It is something I thought I ...
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7 Beauty Essentials for Your Bedside Table

As a Single woman, being beautiful for me is important.  And my goal is to look good at all times...  even when I am getting in or out of bed.  ...
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