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From Office Chic to Happy Hour Hottie: Simple Tips and Tools

Happy Hour can often be the best part of the day for we Single ladies.  But sometimes hanging out immediately after work can be difficult if you ...
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The (Mostly Awesome) Realities of Post-Divorce Dating

By Demetria Irwin, Managing Editor The last time I was truly Single, I was 25 years old, new to New York City and going out (alone, with friends ...
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Dollars and Dating: What You Need To Know About His Finances

By MARSHA BARNES (Certified Financial Education Instructor) There are many couples that debate over money or financial differences. For several ...
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Chemistry of Love

Instant Chemistry Takes Online Dating to the Next Level!

Before you spend another dollar searching for that special someone via an online dating site, read this! S&LF talks with Dr. Sara Seabrooke, ...
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Keeping Your ‘Cookies’ For Yourself

Let's face it. In our pursuit of finding "Mr. Right", sometimes we Single women go above and beyond the call of duty for love, only to be disappo...
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