I spent the past few days surrounded by love.  I was invited to moderate a panel at the IDate conference in Las Vegas.  IDate brings together professional matchmakers, dating coaches, on line dating companies, ap creators, and others in the very lucrative business of helping people find love.

I must admit, my intention for attending was to network and spread the word about S&LF, which I did.  It never occurred to me that I could actually walk away with some dating advice that I would actually take to heart.   Let me tell you a bit about my dating style…  I adore men and love to be in their company.  And yes, I would love to be in a great relationship or even to get married one day.  But I decided to put my desire to be happy ahead of my desire to be a wife.  That allowed me to remove the desperation that caused me to rush into so many past  relationships long before I was certain there was genuine compatibility, which I believe takes about 4-6 months to determine.  Now I take things slow and leave myself open to date other men until there is a decision to become exclusive.  And not for nothing, this is what men have been doing for years, the only difference is I am up front about my process.

My process and mindset didn’t sit too well with some of the IDate folks that I met.  I wasn’t shy about my belief that there may NOT actually be someone for everyone…and that there is nothing wrong with being Single (Hello! SingleandLivingFab!).   And I swear I stopped breathing when I heard one woman on my panel say to the crowd that there was nothing worse than dying alone, and the entire crowd nodded in agreement.  I decided to keep my list of things that actually are worse than dying alone to myself.   But seriously, being single does not equate to being alone.

Now if you are reading this and thinking I had nothing in common with the folks at this conference, you’re wrong.  They’re in the business of making single people happy by helping them find love.  I am all for helping single women get and stay happy… with or without a significant other.  AND… I would be happy to find a match for myself.  At the end of the day, I am a huge romantic and I love love.

I highly recommend the IDate conference for anyone in or interested in the business of helping people find romance.  The place is packed with energetic, positive, driven  people that are about making that money.  I met some incredible people and made great connections and,. as I mentioned earlier, I got some dating tips that I plan to put into practice.  I’ll share those with you a little later this week.


Jacque, E.I.C.