By Tiffany Chandler

It is said that how you begin your day determines how the rest of the day goes.  And it is vital, especially for Single women,  to begin our day with a strong sense of self confidence… because when the trials of life arrive, we must have the strength to overcome those challenges on our own.

One way to build  confidence is mantras.  Mantras are repeated sounds and words that are meant to alter the state of consciousness. Mantras were originally used during meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism as a way of reaching enlightenment and ultimate bliss. Today this practice is used in the secular world as a method of upliftment. Sound is power and by repeating certain words and phrases, the mind will remember these sounds specifically throughout the day.

Why not give it a try and see if it works for you.  Try repeating these five mantras  and watch your life begin to transform.  Let us know how it works for you!

“I am enough.”

If no one else tells you, you must tell yourself that you are enough. You are the best and only version of you. The power you have over everyone else is that you are the only person that could ever be you and will ever be you. Own your confidence and believe that you are enough.


“Stop holding on to what hurts and make room for what feels good.
(Huffington Post)

Ladies, it is time to let go! It is easy to let go of old clothes that are taking up room in your closet so that you can bring new things in. So let it be the same for yourself and throw out those things that hold you back. Life is waiting for you, so make room for it.

“Today I will do something that my future self will thank me for.”
(The Lover List)

No more procrastination! Make life purposeful and take at least one step a day towards a goal of yours. Accomplishments build self-worth, which is the key to genuine confidence.


“I release the things out of my control.”
Inspire Me Today)

Society puts a lot of pressure on single women to date and find a man to marry. However, finding the right man involves a number of factors, some of which are outside of a single lady’s control. Once you realize this, you will find pleasure in other things that your heart desires and will live a meaningful life with or without a man.


Phenomenal woman, that’s me.”
(Maya Angelou via Poetry Foundation)

This phrase from the late Maya Angelou’s famous poem, speaks volumes to women of any background. It is most important to speak words of affirmation like “phenomenal” because it is a reminder of the prodigious type of women we should be. We are all phenomenal in our own individual ways. This affirmation confirms the confidence you should have and forces you to practice your confidence by saying it to yourself and meaning it every morning.


What are your favorite morning mantras?