New Feature Alert!!!  There are so many fab Single women that are loving their lives!  We are going to start featuring them here on the site and calling these ladies our ‘It Girls’.  First up… the Fabulous Sunny Anderson.  Sunny is a Food Network Star with two television shows-Cooking For Real and her new show that launched this month, The Kitchen.  Sunny also has a new book with mind-blowing recipes, Sunny’s Kitchen.  Sunny grew up traveling the world as an Army brat and speaks fluent German.  Before becoming a top chef, Sunny had a career as a radio dj making it all the way to the top market, NYC.  She began cooking for celebrity friends as a hobby and that lead to a guest appearance on Emeril Live.  The rest is culinary history.

S&LF: What do you love most about being single?

I love that I don’t answer to anyone and my schedule is my own. And by single, I mean I am not in a committed relationship, but I date. So I consider myself single. I think most of the women I know don’t “date” in the purest sense. They meet a guy and right away they start sizing him up to see if he’s a contender for being “the one”, with no other alternates. That’s so much pressure on both sides! I’d rather ease into it. I’ve known some men for over a decade as friends and I’m just now finding things out about them or their personality. So, being single and actually dating, going out and doing things with these guys allows me to see what’s out there and not be too committed to any one thing. I also don’t have a regular schedule, so being single means I don’t have to explain to someone why I may not have a free day for 3 weeks and on that free day, instead of seeing them, I may just want to sit and play video games in my pajamas. I just really enjoy my own company. It’s pretty selfish, when you spell it out, but you have to do what makes you happy. It took a while for me to be comfy with being single, I remember it feeling lonely in my early 20s, but somewhere something changed and I haven’t looked back.

S&LF: Many single women don’t cook because they don’t have a family of their own. What joy do you get from cooking for yourself?

I go to a different place when I cook. It’s meditation that feeds me. I try to cook every day even if it’s as simple as oatmeal in the morning because I have meetings and work away from home the rest of the day. Plus, if you ever think you may want a family, try to get to Carnegie Hall in the kitchen. That means practice, practice, practice. Because, it’s not just about cooking for the your partner it’s about cooking for the kids, in-laws, co-workers, church members, etc. Think about it we all need to eat. Being able to cook is a life sustaining skill, it’s kind of romantic. Plus, I’ve moved so much because I was an army brat and I’m an air force veteran. Cooking allows me to revisit places in my kitchen. Just a scent or a bite of something from my past can truly take me down memory lane. So much so, there are certain things I just won’t cook unless I’m ready for a good cry. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to treat yourself. Women need to stop thinking these skills are for anyone other than themselves, maybe that will remove some of the silly stigma of a new age woman in a kitchen. Plan for yourself first so you can take care of others.

S&LF: How did you live Single and Fab during the  holiday season?

Going on vacation by myself! I rented a house so I could cook, there was private beach so I can sit outside, the ipod was loaded with Beyonce’s new music and I had a few books in my bag. I’ve been to this place so many times, it wasn’t  even like I was alone. I like to explain to people that the holiday months for me are like summertime for landscapers; very busy. So, I just really wanted to reboot and congratulate myself on getting through a really busy season in one piece. With the new show lalunching in January, I wanted to get  well rested and ready to go!

Of course we could not let Sunny get away without sharing some of her Fab recipes just in time for your Super Bowl party.  Head over to our Live Fun section for more!