By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief

One thing most married people will tell you is that marriage is hard.  That is evident by the high number of divorces.  But many of us Single ladies want to take our chances and jump that broom anyway!  Well, there is an organization that wants to help Single ladies prepare for a successful marriage before they even get engaged.  It’s called The Single Wives Club.

I interviewed founder Koereyelle DuBose about what the organization provides members and their overall purpose.  I was delighted to find that a key focus of the group is to not only help women get married, but also to make the women connect with the best man for them.  The Single Wives Club does that by encouraging members to work on personal development.  That is key for DuBose, who started the group after breaking off her engagement to a man that was abusing her.  “I believe I went through that so I could teach others to choose yourself”, said Koeroyelle.

Koeroyelle says Single women who want to get married should follow three simple rules:

1.  Begin With Self Awareness
-Know your assets as well as your liabilities.  Put the work in to deal with any issues.  A life coach or therapist may be beneficial.

2.  Maintain Your Standards -Know your deal breakers and stick to them.  If you want children and he doesn’t, don’t date him thinking you can change his mind.  If you want to wait to get physical, don’t give in just because he is being nice.

3. Surround Yourself With The Right People-Get rid of those toxic friends who keep saying there are no good men or that you should want more in life than to just be a wife.

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