If you don’t know by now, I ‘m a proud tv-aholic.  So as a Single girl, I am always on the look out for shows that feature Single females that we can learn a little or a lot from.  That’s why I wanted to alert you guys to ‘Chasing Life’ on ABC Family, which is premiering it’s second season this summer.

Chasing Life’s main character is April.   April is a twenty-something who learns in the first episode of Season 1 that she has cancer.  The rest of the season we see her balance dealing with her diagnosis, dating, family drama and fighting for her career as a journalist.  She also has to struggle with possibly never becoming a mother due to her treatment options.

This may all seem pretty heavy, but the writers do a  brilliant job mixing in lighter, funnier moments which make the show a pleasure to watch.  The main character, played by Italia Ricci (No relation to actress Christina Ricci), does a great job at pulling you in and making April very relatable and likable.

The show is doing so well, ABC Family just moved up the start date of season 2 to July.  So you have plenty of time to binge watch season 1 before the new season begins (You can find season 1 on Amazon or Netflix).