Labor Day weekend is just days away, but it is not too late to plan for an amazing holiday! Whether you want to stay in, go out, be with friends or be alone… we have some suggestions that will help make this holiday a great experience for you.

Get Out!

*Be A Local Tourist!
As single ladies, some of us may travel out of town on our own, but we rarely take the time to enjoy the treasures right where we live. For example, chances are good, if you live in Atlanta, you have never been to the Georgia Aquarium or the Coca Cola museum. Even if you have, it’s probably been a long time since. Why not spend a day or two this holiday weekend visiting or revisiting some of your city’s most notable destinations. And while you’re at it (if you want to avoid the crowds) why not add to the list some of the lesser known, yet worthy spots, such as local museums, botanical gardens, historic sites or key neighborhoods. Whether you go it alone or, with one or more friends, this holiday option will give you a whole new appreciation for the city you call home.

*Oscar Movie Marathon
No, the nominations are not out, but there are some movies in theaters right now that are already generating Oscar buzz. And these potentially nominated films and actors may be tough to track down come nomination time, unless you find a special showing. So why not get a jump on awards season and spend the weekend seeing some great films. You can do this with friends, but trust us when we say there is something very liberating about going to the movies solo. Either way, here are some of the movies that you will hear about come Academy Award season:
‘Lee Daniel’s The Butler’, ‘Fruitvale Station’, ‘Blue Jasmine’, ‘Spectacular Now’

*Music and Nature
Two of the most relaxing things we can do are be outside and listen to music. Why not combine the two this holiday weekend? There is something magical about sitting outside and sipping on your favorite wine while listening to live music. No matter where you live, chances are there is an outdoor concert some where in town this weekend. Even if it’s a free event hosted by the local college, try to get there! If for some reason you can’t make it to a concert, don’t let that discourage you. Download some music, pack up a blanket, some snacks (and wine) and head to a local park. Trust me, with friends or on your own, either of these options will have you singing a happy tune in your head well into the work week!

Stay In!

*Host A Gathering!
Whether you BBQ or gather snacks for a game night, bringing the party to you is always a fun way for a single girl to spend any holiday! The process is easy… decide on a theme, decide if you want to cook or organize a potluck, send out the invites, stock the home bar and prepare for the celebration! Most importantly, don’t let the planning for this stress you out. You should do as little work as possible, which means paper plates, plastic cups, etc. While you want your friends to have fun, you also want to make sure you are able to relax and enjoy yourself too!

*Binge TV Fest!
Some great shows are returning to TV this fall. If you’ve been wanting to get into shows such as ‘Scandal’, ‘Downton Abbey’ or ‘Homeland’, but feel too far behind, this weekend is the perfect time to watch past episodes/seasons back to back and get all caught up. Where can you find the shows? Some past seasons are on Demand right now, depending on your cable provider. Others are just a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription away (these subscription prices are worth the low monthly cost if you truly love great tv). Some past shows may be more challenging to find, but are usually available on ITunes or Amazon. The Binge Fest is fun alone or with friends. But be sure to warn those friends that this is a pajama-wearing, no make up or hair brushing kind of affair.

At Home Spa Day!
Women are natural nurturers and single women are no different. Even those of us without children are often taking care of someone else’s needs. Well this holiday weekend, it is time to nurture ourselves with an at home spa day. The first step is a tough one for many of us… turn off all electronics! This is a time to unplug and relax. Next, give yourself a home mask. You can buy what need at the store (here are some recommendations from or you can make your own with natural ingredients (here are some recipe options from And finally, if you want to really treat yourself, order an in home professional massage. Our suggestion: Zeel ( Zeel a new company that provides various massage options with same day service. You also can request a male or female therapist. We can’t imagine that this spa day and a good night of rest won’t leave you ready for anything!