In honor of Women’s History Month, EVERY DAY in March S&LF is highlighting famous Single women who prove that a woman’s marital status is irrelevant when it comes to measuring her greatness.

Up first, one of my favorite people, actress Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee is fabulously living the Single life her way and loving it! She is probably best known for her role as Joan on the hit, long running series Girlfriends and most recently as Carla Reed, opposite actor Malcolm Jamal Warner, on the BET show Reed Between The Lines.  Tracee was also a producer on the show and won an NAACP Image award for her role.

Tracee was also nominated for an Image award for her performance in Five, a series of short films created to raise awareness about breast cancer. Tracee is also known by fashion lovers for her edgy and impeccable style. Her newest passion is her website,, which gives more perspective to her passions and personality.

Tracee has never married and does not have children, and when asked about her status she had this to say to “When it comes to never being married I don’t think anybody’s doomed if they’re single. The only thing that dooms you is if you’re not willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone to try different things.  How many more people will have to say it before we can close the book on this issue?”  Well said, Ms. Ross!