Every queen must have her king, right? Well, in the case of Queen Elizabeth I, the answer is “not so much.”

Known as “The Virgin Queen”, Queen Elizabeth I reigned supreme in England and Ireland in 1558 until her death in 1603. Elizabeth’s reign is known as the Elizabethan era, famous for the birth of English drama, led by playwrights such as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe.

From the start of Elizabeth’s reign, it was expected that she would wed. Although marrying would produce an heir, she chose to remain single. She received many offers for her hand and dated well into her later years (even having a relationship with Francis, Duke of Anjou, who was 22 years her junior). But the reasons for her choice to remain single are not clear. Many have speculated she was infertile, she feared she would give up her power or that taking a husband would spark political instability. Famously, she declared to an agent of an admiring duke, “I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married.”

Here’s our best curtsy to the Queen, who lived Single and fabulously!

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