If you follow me on Twitter on Thursday nights, then you know I love, love, LOVE Scandal! Shonda Rhimes, writer and executive producer of the hit television shows, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”, brings a little extra happiness into millions of lives once a week. Her success from these shows has brought Shonda front and center in the world of television.  And she has managed that success as a never married, Single mother of three adopted children.   In an interview with Oprah, Shonda reveals she does want to marry one day but  knows exactly what she would miss about being Single:

“The solitude. I actually like being alone. I spend most evenings reading and taking long baths…  the perfect husband would live next door. He’d come over for dinner and hang out, and we’d have this great life. And then he’d go back home. Because he’s not there every day, I’d appreciate him more… I’ve always wanted to have a relationship with someone who has his own thing—and I can’t be that thing.”

And here are 4 more fascinating facts about the writer that may just make you love her more!

1. Shonda Rhimes’ experience as a hospital candy striper while she was in high school sparked her interest in hospital environments. Talk about preparing for the future!

2. During a stint of unemployment after graduating from grad school, she took a job as a counselor at a job center that taught mentally ill and homeless people job skills.

3. Shonda had much success on the big screen before her hit ABC shows. She’s directed many films including “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” featuring Halle Berry, “Crossroads”, the debut film of pop singer Britney Spears and “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”  featuring Julie Andrews.

4. Shonda  decided to become a Single mother in 2002, adopting her first daughter, Harper and another girl, Emerson, in February 2012. In September 2013, Rhimes welcomed her third daughter, Beckett.

We salute Single and fabulous Shonda Rhimes! Thanks for making Thursdays my new favorite day of the week!