are By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief

I love scary movies, but I don’t get to see them often as I would like.  That’s because  they terrify me… and two things that definitely don’t mix being afraid of scary movies and being a Single girl who lives alone.  But I do manage to get my scary movies in every now and then thanks to some sure fire measures I discovered over the years.  Just in time for Halloween and the season’s scariest movies, I am sharing them with my fellow Single ladies.

1.  Plan your scary movies around out of town guests.  If you’re like me, it’s not nightmares, but not being able to sleep due to thoughts of that scary movie I just watched.   So having someone just down the hall can lend great comfort.   My mom is coming to town for a Thanksgiving visit.  I plan to finally watch the latest ‘Paranormal’ movies during her visit.

2.  Get it in when you get a new boo.  Nothing eases my scary movie fears better than curling up next to a big strong man.  Not that I am suggesting that you rush into the sleepover phase of that new relationship… but as soon as you get there, don’t get too distracted by the romance.  Focus on getting to the theater to see those scary movies and watch the ones you’ve been waiting to see on demand or on line.  I managed to watch the entire ‘Resident Evil’ movies series with a guy I dated for only 6 months.  So worth it.

3.  Slumber party.  Who says slumber parties are just for kids?? What better way to make scary movie watching fun, than inviting over a group of the girls to spend the night?  Stay in, watch that movie with your friends and then laugh yourselves to sleep.  Now if you are like me, it will take you a couple of days to get over that movie fear, so I would have those girlfriends stay through Sunday brunch.

4.  Get a dog or cat.  Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you get a pet if you don’t like them or don’t have the time.  But if you do, and you believe what they say in the movies, animals are great at detecting paranormal activity.  We’ve never experience any ghosts, but my dogs already proved to be  great little alarms that something is going down  in or just outside my apartment.  Usually, it’s just something falling over in my closet or a neighbor in the hallway getting out their keys, but what is important is that they are ready for action.

5.  Check your home.   A common scene in many good scary movies is something or someone hiding under the bed.  My sleep has been delayed on more than one occasion by my wondering if something is up under my bed or in my closet.  Yes, I know it’s just that scary movie do a number on my vulnerable imagination.  But just for the peace of mind, I check the bed, closets, showers, as well as window and door locks.  I’m not playing.

6.  Skype/Facetime with a family member or friend, while you sleep.  I know… it sounds silly, but it is soooo comforting!   First recruit a sibling or a really good friend.  Right before you go to bed,  aim the camera on each other and then you both go on about the business of falling asleep.  Again, just the company , even via skype, can ease your fears and help you get to sleep.

7.  Watch early in your day.   I am an early riser, even on the weekends.  Nothing’s better in the wee hours of a Saturday than a good scary movie.  Once you’ve gotten to the end of your day, you likely will have forgotten all about that scary movie.

8.  Pray for protection and a good night’s sleep.  Every night as I say my prayers, I ask God to keep negative thoughts out of my head and to protect me as I sleep.  This gives me the greatest comfort of all.

Sleep tight, ladies.