By Tabitha Corley

Summer is the perfect time for a plethora of activities, one of those being international travel. There is no rule that says Single women can’t venture out and see all the wonders of the world alone. After traveling on your own, you get an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment. This summer if you have the chance, make sure to do just that, one safety precaution at a time. As with any trip, research is key to staying safe and enjoying the experience. Before traveling outside the country, make sure to become familiar with what is acceptable as far as dress, etiquette and common courtesy. Here are a few simple ways to stay safe as a Single woman on the go.

Pack like a Pro
Of you course, you have your cute clothes, your sexy clothes, clothes for lounging and shoes to match each outfit. However, let’s not forget a few essentials. A having a canister mace or a safety whistle could come in handy if unwanted company approaches you. A paper map comes in handy in case your phone or dies unexpectedly.  Speaking of electronics, make sure to pack any necessary voltage converters, so that you can safely power up your gadgets.

Get Around
If you plan on taking public transportation, thoroughly research the system before your trip, study the maps of the areas where the train or bus travels and have an idea of the general safety of those areas. Are pick pockets a problem? Is it safe for a woman to be alone?  If you choose to ride in a taxi, be sure that the doors are locked and look up the likely route to your destination beforehand. Also, know the taxi customs for that country to determine if you should haggle on the fare, for example. Lastly, always walk and look like you are confident in where you are going.

Get Registered
If you are planning to be out of the country for more than a few days, register with your local embassy telling them where you will be and for how long. This is helpful in the event of emergencies such as natural disasters or riots. Also, be sure to  locate the U.S. embassy in the country where you are traveling.

Talk to Strangers
Growing up you probably heard it a thousand times, “Don’t talk to strangers!” However, carrying on an appropriate conversation with a local or someone who knows the area could be a good idea, especially if you are trying to get around an unfamiliar city.  Insider knowledge is priceless and often useful.

Call and Copy
When getting settled in your room, let at least one person back home know your whereabouts and that you arrived safely.  Make copies of your passport and credit cards for that trusted person and keep copies for yourself as well.  Keep your originals and your copies separate, so that if either are lost, you have all of the necessary information.

Be Aware
Ask the hotel clerk to write down your room number and pass it to you instead of saying it so anyone could hear. Also, executive Editor of, Anne Banas, warns women to not hang a filled-out breakfast card on the door. By doing this, it lets others know that you are expecting someone and that you are likely alone. If you do not feel comfortable/safe at your hotel, find another hotel as soon as possible.  Staying in safe lodging is an important aspect of any trip.

What safety precautions do you take when you travel abroad alone?