Last week, Rent A Gent CEO Sara Shikman gave S&LF readers a look at the unique new male escort service that offers busy women more than just your typical escort website. In part 2, we talk with Rent A Gent customer Marina Belorusets about her experience and what advice she has for other Single women who are looking for “a man for the moment.”

S&LF: How did you find out about Rent A Gent?

Marina Belorusets: I found out about Rent A Gent through Google. As I was looking for a some fun, I came across multiple sites, but most of them were sleazy…When I came across Rent A Gent, it was more than a stripper site. They provided guys with other services like servers, bartenders, etc.

S&LF: What kind of services did the men provide at your friend’s going away party?

Marina Belorusets: They acted as servers of our drinks, collecting our coats, bartending and also mingling, telling us stories and making the women laugh and feel special.

S&LF:What was your personal experience like interacting with the men?

Marina Belorusets: At first, I was skeptical but when they guys spoke they had this charismatic charm about them. They opened the women [up] to feel comfortable and feel at home.

S&LF: How did your friend who was relocating react to the men at the party?

Marina Belorusets: Same way as me.

S&LF: How was your experience different from what people may typically think of when it comes to male entertainment services?

Marina Belorusets: It was not a stripper, sleazy type of thing. The men were educated, well-traveled and had a lot to talk about. Usually on stripper sites, the men come in, dance and leave. There is no character, but here the men were hand picked. They had life and charisma.

S&LF: What is your profession and how do you manage to include dating and fun in your life?

Marina Belorusets: I’m a business manager for a skin care line. Everyday, I build relationships with clients and get to meet a lot of new people. Retail hours aren’t easy but I always manage to insert a happy hour in my weekly schedule.

S&LF: Did you ever think that you would use a service like this?

Marina Belorusets: No, but that’s because I never imagined anyone coming up with such a cool idea.

S&LF: Why do you think Rent A Gent can be useful for other Single women such as yourself and your girlfriends?

Marina Belorusets: Renting a guy for a date, for a charity event, for a gala, to accompany to an opera, for a bachelorette party,etc.

S&LF: Would you ever personally used Rent A Gent services in the future? Such as the daters or helpers?

Marina Belorusets: Maybe helpers and a date to accompany me to a company event.

S&LF: What would you say to other Single women who are skeptical about using services from companies such as Rent A Gent?

Marina Belorusets: It’s safe, fun and easy.

Here’s what Marina had to say in her online review of Rent A Gent:

WooooHooo what an amazing idea!!!!! I never written a review before but this company deff deserves A++++++++

I attended a house party for one of my co-workers this past Saturday. Unfortunately she is relocating so all her friends wanted to make the evening very special and memorable for her. They hired this company Rent A Gent and the concept is a lot of fun. Gorgeous guys came over to the house that were serving us food, making us delicious cocktails. One even stood by the front door and was collecting our jackets ( he was hot!!!!!!) The idea is interesting because even though you want a girls night out – you still crave the attention of men and these guys were smart, good-looking and very respectful. From the time we came to the time we left, I was certainly in shock by how organized everything was. Deff recommend to use them and deff will keep them in mind for any of my girls outings! Great job once again!!!

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