By Krystal Johnson

Ladies we all have them, those little prickly extra fine gray hairs that you notice almost always at the absolute wrong time… like when you are about to head out the door.  That means you don’t have time for a dye job or plucking.  But instead of covering that cute style you were planning on wearing with a hat, here are three simple products that will send you on your way feeling confident and refreshed without having to worry about the hassle of those stubborn grays…

•    Chalking: Chalking is an easy, affordable solution to temporarily concealing those grays. “Hair Chalk” or chalk pastels can be purchased at most hair suppliers and lasts generally through one use. The color does not run onto your clothes or skin and can easily be removed with warm water. Hair Chalk also comes in a variety of colors which allows you the access to change your hair as frequently as you may like.
•    Color Rub : By Hair Flairs: This color applying hair tool is used commonly like the eye shadow technique most women use; minus the messiness of the application running onto your finger tips or clothes. Color rub comes in bright, luminous colors that are sure to leave your grays as a thing in the past, at least until your next shampoo appliance.
•    Root Concealer:  There are many brands, but our fav is Rita Hazzan Root Concealer.  This  is non- sticky, non- greasy formula comes in five shades that can be sprayed directly onto the hair. This paraben-free formula dries instantly and is also water resistant but can be washed out with the simple use of shampoo.

The best part, if you make time in your beauty routine, these products can be a healthier option to applying harsh chemicals.  Here’s to looking and feeling your beautiful best!