From time to time, we all go through something that can severly  interupt our peace of mind… a bad break up, the loss of a job, news that you have an illness, etc.  When situations like these arise, if you are anything like me, you want to bury yourself in your bed, because you are too upset and distracted to effectively interact with the outside world, let alone show up and  ‘be on’ when others are counting on you.   So how do you find the energy to make that presentation at work, to give that speech tonight, to host that baby shower, or go on a job interview… when you’d rather be cuddled up with a bottle of wine?  Psychologist and life coach Lisa Kaplin says you can do it and she has some tips to get you through it:

1)  Change Your Mindset From Pissed Off To Pure On!- Change your mindset from pissed off to pure on.  Our mindset is what leads us to our feelings and our behaviors.  If we have a nasty, judging, hopeless mindset our behavior will reflect that.  To “be on” even when you feel off, spend a few minutes a few times a day repeating a phrase that is hopeful and optimistic for you.  A couple of examples are “All is well” “Joy is my destiny”  “I own my own happiness”  Say these to yourself until your mood starts to turn around.  Repeat as needed.

2)  Get Your Groove On!Put on your favorite “on” music.  Have a song list of 3-5 songs that raise your spirits no matter how bad your day is going.  Have the songs ready to go either on your phone, in your car,  or on your computer.

3)  Phone A Friend!-Call your favorite friend who helps you “Be On” no matter what.  That girlfriend who doesn’t judge, who says all the right things, and helps you see just how truly fabulous you are.

4)  Post It!-Have a positive affirmation written for yourself so that you can see it in a variety of places.  Pick words that are meaningful to you and make you smile when you see them.

5)  Focus On The Good Times!-Keep a picture of yourself looking joyful and pull it out to remember what that felt like and how you want to get to that place again.  Use it to motivate you to find joy and happiness.

 Lisa Kaplin is a psychologist, life coach, professional speaker, blogger, mother, wife, and dog lover (in varied order depending on the day).  She is the proud owner of Smart Women Inspired Lives where she helps overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted women who have that “I thought I’d be happier than this” feeling.   Lisa helps them face their fears, step out of their comfort zones, and walk right into true happiness and fulfillment.  Helping other women to step out of that stuck feeling and into calm, confidence, and joy is a dream come true for her.   Lisa uses her unique combination of education, life experience, humor, and empathy to help her clients get clear, confident, and motivated so that the life of their dreams becomes their real life.
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