At some point, most women will reach the age when we say to ourselves, “Am I too old to wear that?” While you want to be mindful of what trends to skip, you also want to pay close attention to what you DO wear and make sure you don’t just give up on being stylish. Fashion and lifestyle expert Pamela Watson ( has some quick tips on how the 35 and older crowd can look their fabulous best:

1. Update the denium!
Wearing the same style jeans that you wore over 10 years ago is a no no! That denium may last for ever, but the cuts and trends change. Solution: Update your jean collection every 2 years. You will end up with a great inventory of styles because styles come back around.

2. Get out of high school!
It was a long time ago, so why are you wearing the same hair and make up that you did in high school? Simple updates can transisiton your style and keep you looking current. Solution: Find a new hair stylist (because the old one should be fired for keeping you in that outdated doo) and head to a local make up counter and tell them you want to update your look. Be sure to arrive with your face made up as you normally wear it so they have a reference.

3. Sex Appeal!
Often the bigger mistake with seasoned women is not dressing too matronly, but instead dressing too sexy. Super short, super tight and super revealing can make you look super desperate. It’s like a neon sign that reads “I STILL GOT IT”. If you do still have it, you don’t need to over advertise it. Solution: Find a celebrity with classic style that is close to your age and mimic her look… not just on the red carpet, but the everyday looks (Think Jennifer Anniston, Halle Berry, Angela Bassett, Lauren Hutton, Helen Miren.. DO NOT think Cher or Madonna-they know how to bend the rules and make it work).

4. Lift The Girls Up!
There is a good chance the bra size you had in college likely isn’t your size anymore. If your breast are hanging below the middle of your arm (between the shoulder and the elbow) you need some help. Solution: Run, don’t walk, to a bra specialist and get refitted for the best lift (gravity defying) and shape (consider body slimmers too). It will make all the difference in how you look to yourself and the world!

5. Lift The Skirts Up Too!
It may not seem like a big deal, but that long hemline can leave you looking frumpy. No sense in looking 10 years older because of your clothes. Now many will say the best length for the over 40 crowd is above the knee or just below the knee. But if you have the gams, then show them off! Just be careful not to go too short. (See number 3). A definite no no is letting those hem lines fall any lower than just below the knee. Solution: take all of your dresses and skirts to the tailor for adjusting. And moving forward, buy with a more flattering hemline in mind.