By Jacque Reid

Yesterday was a great day!  After about 8 weeks since the start of my hair intervention, I went for a relaxer/touch and and discovered that my tresses have made tremendous improvement with my tresses.  If you’ve been following my blogs about my hair, you know that my hair suffered damage due to some medical issues related to iron deficiencies.  With the help of my hair guru…. Ron Williams at the Phyto Universe, I’ve undergone regular hair treatments at their salon using phyto products…. which included a hair growth product.  My hair angel at NBC, Angie Lorenzo, fitted me with a hair piece that allowed me to keep heat out of my hair before going on air for my daily television show, New York Live.

On my own, I’ve shampooed and conditioned at home with the Phyto products and I’ve taken a bunch of vitamins daily.  I also never put heat in my hair, unless it is freshly washed, and even then it is minimal.  I also keep my hair hydrated with oils and other phyto products.

I feel like my hair will be back fully back to it’s healthy best by the end of the summer, if not sooner.  But even then, I am going to continue all of these things I am doing now to ensure my hair stays healthy!   Please share your hair drama journey or give me an update if you have shared already.