Labor Day is the last official weekend of summer. It’s also a ‘holiday’, a word many single ladies despise. Holidays are when people make plans to be with their significant others, so it can serve as a reminder for we singles that we are still not married or, if we are divorced or widowed, are no longer married. And, those of us that have never been married will most likely have this fact will thrown in our faces if we attend a family holiday function.

That is why this week here at is dedicated to we single ladies taking back our holidays! Labor Day is the perfect time to kick off this effort. We start now and with practice, the Christmas/New Year’s season will be a breeze and we’ll look forward with giddy anticipation to the ultimate holiday many singles ladies loathe, Valentine’s Day.

So, let’s get started! If you haven’t already… make some plans. Even if you really want to stay home alone and get some rest, plan something like a movie marathon, some binge tv watching or an at home spa day. Check out our Live Fun section this week for more details on making great last minute plans. Our Live Empowered section will feature expert advice on how to deal with family and friends that give you a hard time about being single. Our other sections this week will guide you on how to look great for any Labor Day affair, how to perfectly stock your home bar and how to select the perfect post holiday cleanse to erase all of the booze and BBQ you will rightfully indulge in during this holiday weekend.

We will have much more for you to enjoy every day this week on, in addition to Labor Day features. We hope you visit us as often as you can and invite your single girlfriends, family members and coworkers to check us out! Welcome and make yourself at home.

Jacque Reid
Editor in Chief