Before you spend another dollar searching for that special someone via an online dating site, read this! S&LF talks with Dr. Sara Seabrooke, Chief Science officer at Instant Chemistry and Carmelia Ray, Chief Marketing Officer and Matchmaking Expert, about the newest technology that may help your find the perfect mate or save your relationship.

S&LF: How does Instant Chemistry work?

Instant Chemistry: The Instant Chemistry test explains 3 crucial aspects of who you are as a person. When compared to someone you are interested in meeting, the results will reveal your combined chances for long-term chemistry, greater compatibility and overall relationship success.

S&LF: Is genetic matchmaking expensive?

Instant Chemistry: The cost of analyzing a DNA sample is comparable to other DNA testing services such as 23andMe.  It can range from $100 to a few hundred dollars depending on the type of test being completed. Overall, the information a client can obtain from DNA testing is very valuable and can help start or save a relationship and costs less than buying a diamond necklace.

S&LF: Does the matchmaking service use any other information for pairing aside from just genetic make-up?

Instant Chemistry: Yes. Love is quite complicated and while genetic make-up is part of the equation, many other factors are important for love. Matchmakers and online dating services are skilled in understanding and matching people based on many of the factors important for love. The genetic component is an added feature to help matchmakers or their online dating site figure out important questions like chemistry, personality compatibility and long-term relationship success.

S&LF: Does genetic predisposition for sexual attraction and mating necessarily guarantee love?

Instant Chemistry: No, because love is so complex, two people could be very compatible genetically and psychologically, but not compatible on all of the other factors important for love. For example, a 20 year old could be highly compatible with an 80 year old, but this relationship is very likely to be unsuccessful because of the age difference.

S&LF: The basis for genetic compatibility relies largely on traits for successful reproduction. Should people who don’t want to have children still try to find love through Instant Chemistry?

Instant Chemistry: Instant Chemistry can be used by anyone who is looking for love. Even if two people don’t want to have children, the genetics and psychology behind attraction remains unchanged. They still experience chemistry even if they chose not to have children.

S&LF: Can people use Instant Chemistry who are in a relationship already but are looking to check compatibility?

Instant Chemistry: Yes. Instant Chemistry will soon be offering a couples package that includes a genetic compatibility test as well as a relationship satisfaction test and a psychological test. These two additional tests help identify potential problem areas in a relationship and provide a deeper insight into you and your partner’s personalities.

S&LF: Does Instant Chemistry take the romance out of getting to know someone and learning if you are compatible?

Instant Chemistry: Not at all. Just knowing you are compatible genetically does not mean you truly know the person. It still takes time to get to know someone. Using Instant Chemistry helps you save time by potentially not investing it on someone who you will not be compatible with (based on attraction and genetics) in the long term. Having more insight and information about your potential partner allows you to make better relationship choices. You can’t take the romance out of the dating and courting process. It’s going to be there or not. Again, the fact that two people are genetically compatible only addresses compatibility in that key area of their life. Other factors to consider would be matching attitudes, values, goals, lifestyle, religion etc.

S&LF: What would you say to singles who are skeptical or reluctant to use genetic matchmaking to find love?

Instant Chemistry: This test is based on years of science completed in academic institutions around the world. But most importantly, there is no risk to using Instant Chemistry. The genetic test is completely private and secure and no health related information can be determined from the test. Those who are skeptical can try it without risk and decide for themselves if the test worked.  A lot of DNA matchmaking sites started popping up around 5 years ago.

S&LF: How has the technology behind it improved since then?

Instant Chemistry: The biggest improvement in DNA matchmaking is that Instant Chemistry works with matchmakers and online dating sites. Other DNA matchmaking sites try to be the matchmaker. We know that love is more complicated than just genetics and that this test needs to be used in combination with traditional matching techniques. There is also so much science being done about relationships that adding additional tests, such as the relationship satisfaction test and psychological test offered by Instant Chemistry, will always continue to improve the technology.

S&LF: Do you believe genetic matchmaking is the future of love?

Instant Chemistry: Genetic matchmaking is the future of love for those who are seeking new partners or couples looking for additional relationship insight. I believe that as people become increasingly busy, that it can become hard to take the time to find someone. However, I don’t think this means that people are not interested in falling in love. We are seeing an increase in online dating and matchmaking for this reason. Genetic matchmaking provides a way to help people find a truly meaningful relationship even with their busy lives. The information a new couple can discover or singles who are considering a long-term relationship will provide extremely important and valuable information in order for them to better understand the dynamic of their relationship.

Carmelia Ray is a matchmaking expert who has been working in the matchmaking industry since 1992.

As an entrepreneur “in the business of love”, Ray wrote her first E-Book, “The Ultimate A-Z guide to Attracting and Keeping Your Soul Mate”, which is all about tips and secrets to achieving one’s goal of meeting the right person.

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