Yesterday, was the first day of the rest of my life!  I kicked off a new health and fitness plan with the help of the Cosmo Bikini Diet from Cosmopolitan magazine.  My goal is to be bikini ready by March 16th, the date we push off on The Tom Joyner Morning Show Fantastic Voyage Cruise.
I am not really trying to loose weight, just drop some of the jiggle that has attached itself to all of the wrong places, Ugh!!  And you know as single women we need to keep ourselves as fabulous and healthy as we can.  No… not so we can catch a man (not that that would be a bad thing), but so we can actually feel good (physically) while feeling good about ourselves (mentally).
I know it’s the holiday season and many of you are planning, along with the rest of the nation, to start your new diet/exercise plans in January.  Well I am road testing the Bikini Diet out for you.  I plan to post my progress every day.
Here are some quick details about the diet:  You get to eat 1500 calories a day; they provide you with a meal plan of yummy, easy to make foods; you get 3 meals and two snacks per day; they provide you with a shopping list for food (this is probably huge to only me, lol); you get 150 extra calories a day (for when you want to have some wine or a scoop of ice cream); and there is an exercise plan that you can follow from your own home.  There are more details in the book.

Here is where I am on Day 1:
-I weigh 135
-My goal: To be bikini ready for my upcoming cruise. I want to tighten my abs, my arms, my thighs, my butt… well, let’s just say everything,  I set sail on March 16.
-I set sail for my cruise on March 16th.  I want to be bikini ready by then.

The food:
The meal plan for day one was pretty easy to follow.  I had most of the items at home or could easily pick them up around my job, which was great because I didn’t have time to shop.  Dinner was a problem,  I was supposed to make chicken tagine w/olives, apricot-herb couscous; asparagus for dinner… but I had not of these things at home.  But I wasn’t at home anyway. I had to moderate a panel for the Black Girls Rock organization.  So I ended up eating very late after the panel at The Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem (you should try it next time you are in NYC).  But I was very good.  I had a side of freshly cooked collard greens, 1 fried oyster and a taste of wine.  I figure the wine and the one oyster count as my flex calories :-).


No exercise :-(

Tomorrow is a new day!