By Tabitha Corely

Summer is coming to a screeching halt.  But wait!  Before you put that bathing suit away, you still have time to squeeze in one more vacation and it might as well be with your girls. If you don’t have kids, this is prime traveling time. No need to worry about school buses and class schedules, you have planes to catch. Unwind and spill those crazy summer stories or create the fun you’ve been longing for. Jennifer Sandler, a university study abroad coordinator and travel expert who has been to over 30 countries and 20 states, shared some great tips and places to go with girlfriends to ensure a good time.


Budget Tip
An efficient and hassle-free way to split the costs of things is for each person to put a set amount of cash in a purse or wallet that is to be used for different fares such as  taxis. This way everyone pays the same amount without trying to use math skills to split bills or remembering to pay each other back.  


Getting Around Tip
In any place it would be worthwhile to actually go exploring on foot to see the scenery. Walking around an area filled with restaurants and boutiques makes it is a lot easier to pop in and out.


Destination Tips

For Breath-taking Natural Beauty and a Laid-back Setting


International: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Although Argentina is home to the Tango dance and a festive culture, it is also a great place to relax with amazing natural attractions. Buenos Aires is known as “The Paris of Argentina.” With a reputation like that who wouldn’t want to go? There are so many landscapes to see with spectacular venues and gardens such as Paseo del Rosedal (Rose Garden Walk).


Domestic: Asheville, NC

Sandler said a great place to stay would be The Grove Park Inn. It is a resort that offers spa treatments as well as other relaxing accommodations while in the mountains. This is perfect for winding down with your favorite ladies.



For a Little Fun and Adventure


International: India and Germany

Sandler mentioned that getting around in India can be overwhelming because their means of travel is not exactly like ours in the U.S. The rickshaw, a two-wheeled contraption that typically holds two people and is pulled by one person,  is a common mode of transportation. Sandler noted that India’s streets can be crowded, but it was great traveling there with her friends because that made it more fun.  It is hard to be bored in a country that has a yearlong calendar filled with festivals and activities.

Germany is known for its beer. It even plays a key role in the German culture as there a many festivals and celebrations that surround it. If you like to indulge in a beer or two, Germany would be a great place for you to venture to with your girlfriends.


Domestic: Seattle, Washington and New York, New York

Seattle, Washington is really a great place to go if you are looking to live on the edge. You could start with having a meal 500 feet above the ground in the Space Needle at Sky City Restaurant.

New York City is obviously an exciting place to have a little fun with girlfriends. It’s the city that never sleeps and who needs sleep when you are having a girl’s night on out on the town?

Let us know. Where are some of your favorite places to travel with your girlfriends?