How do you hide your flaws and still play up your assets? By finding your correct silhouette in skirts, you can be the bell of the ball or office (wherever you wear skirts) and keep PRETTY at the top of YOUR style aesthetic.  Celebrity fashion stylist, Pamela Watson shares some fab tips on how to get it right!

If you’re pear shaped:
Emphasize your smallest area: the midsection. Your true waist is right above your belly. A-line skirts are your best defense against showing too much curviness in your lower half. It’s flowy and flirty and creates a balance that shows your slimmest part while your lower half gives the skirt just the right amount of movement to keep it subtly sexy.

styleschool aline5styleschool aline2

If you’re petite:
You want to respectfully show as much skin as possible. Given that you are shorter than average, the illusion of skin is optimal for you. Wear skirts above the knee, avoiding anything longer than knee skimming AT ALL COSTS!. The shorter length skirts will show more leg, which gives the appearance of height. Adding heels and staying away from shoe booties with skirts will help also. You want nothing that will cut you off anywhere below knee-length.

styleschool petite4styleschool ruffles2

If you have a tummy or kangaroo pouch:
We have tons of names for it, however it all screams COVER IT UP! While most of us are fighting a valiant fight to obliterate that bulge, it’s not an easy fight. Great disguises for this flaw are ruffle details in the front of your skirt or a peplum skirt. It’s the easiest way to camouflage lower belly issues and a narrow pencil skirt will keep the rest of your look trim and slim. There are also belts with peplum ruffles, which will transform any regular skirt into this silhouette for you.

styleschool peplumstyleschool ruffles

If you’re curvy:
Although this shape is quite the rage lately, from J.Lo to Beyonce showing us how to love our curves, we also need to wear the right shape to accentuate it without overexposing it. It’s always possible to show what you’re working with without neon-lit arrows pointing out those obvious features.  Subtle is sexy and draws the right kind of attention…if you know what I mean! The right balance for my curvy ladies is the simple and classic pencil skirt. The streamline silhouette hugs your shape and gives off an essence of power and purpose saying, “I’m very happy with the skin that I’m in”.

styleschool curvy5styleschool curvy