THE PRO:    Mamie McDonald

THE BACKGROUND: Skin expert to clients like Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, Iman; Owner, Skin-Mamie’s Skin Care Center


Knutek MD A-RO Balsam

The A-RO Balsam, is another wonderful serum to keep on hand for healing skin that suffers with inflammation due to over exfoliation, over-use of glycolic and retinol acids, acne, Rosacea, or environmental abuse. The A-RO Balsam has organic Sulfur (anti-inflammatory), and Australian Tea Tree Oil, (a natural anti-bacterial healing and anti-fungal agent) and Vitamin K (helps to seal blood vessels); these ingredients reduce redness and swelling. Also heals sun-damage, as it stimulates cell growth. Great for Acne, and fair sensitive skin types. I also recommend this product for those of us who have braids, extensions, or weaves or just have a lot of hair and the scalp isn’t breathing. Helps balances the epidermis to combat dandruff, dry scaly skin cells on the scalp.

Skin breathes, softens and as it smooths out skin texture.

For the skin just apply two to three drops. For the scalp, use daily for the first week on the scalp only, then twice a week second week, then once a week for the third week.


2. Knutek MD Oxygen Plasma

The Oxygen Plasma serum is one of the three secret weapons I give to my clients. It’s an absolute must have for those that fly 3 to 4 times a month, or in a Broadway Show, actors working on a film, models and TV personalities.

Skin becomes dry, dehydrated and sensitive and lack moisture. Oxygen Plasma transports high volumes of oxygen to tissues, activating tissue-breathing processes, and regenerative actions. Triggers formation of collagen and elastin. Active life styles, stress, late nights, bring about skin sensitivities such as dry patches on skins surface, small acne break outs even acne rosacea. Oxygen Plasma kills anaerobic bacteria which causes acne rosacea.  Just apply a couple of drops of the Oxygen Plasma serum  after cleansing, and feel your skin transform into a soft, supple, hydrated skin that  will radiate a glow that will turn heads!


3. Knutek MD Depigmentation Serum

This serum is one of my favorites! It was created from the latest scientific breakthroughs in pigmentation management. An incredibly sophisticated skin lightener that once applied on the discoloration it will begin to fade away. Can be used daily without danger of blotchiness. Can be used twice daily on the discoloration.



4. Luzern Force De Vie

Luzern laboratories has a pure moisturizer, (Force De Vie, pure oxygen crème luxe) that is highly effective without the toxic ingredients of alcohol, parabens, and formaldehyde.  So lightweight and clean that it leaves your skin feeling fresh, and velvety-soft. Formulated for all skin types. The anti-aging ingredients nourishes, hydrates while reduces visible signs of aging.


5. M’lis Tissue Repair

This product is a cream that everyone must have in the purse! It is not a lotion or moisturizer…it is formulated to repair the skins tissue. It has been found to actually reverse the scarring process, diminishing dry, damaged skin conditions. Used on scars, burns, eczema, sunburn, psoriasis, and ultra-dry skin.

All key ingredients are 100% naturally based…collagen, allantoin, vitamin E, vitamin A, and sesame oil, and finally, oat flour.

I use this on my hands throughout the day, due to severe dryness from constant washing my hands, essential oils, and over use.