Happy Hour can often be the best part of the day for we Single ladies.  But sometimes hanging out immediately after work can be difficult if you find yourself without the appropriate tools to transition to an after five look. Not to worry… we’ve got the scoop on some simple tips and tools that will allow you to quickly go from office chic to happy hour hottie.

Eyeliner: No matter where your plans may take you eyeliner should always be kept in your bag. Your everyday look might involve a modest amount of eyeliner, but for your after-work adventures, vamp it up a notch by creating a sexy cat eye.

Statement Necklace: Wearing a statement necklace is sure to add a definite pop to your outfit.  A bold color or unique materials might be too much for the office, but it’s perfect for an evening affair. For those who choose to add acknowledgement to “the girls,” a statement necklace is all you may need.

A Bright Lip: Choosing the right shade of lipstick is key to mastering the after-office look. Sometimes adding the perfect lipstick takes the place of needing makeup at all. Of course you wouldn’t wear a fire engine red to an office meeting but sealing your after work look with the right shade of lipstick is certified gold to finishing and completing that chic, sexy look.

Hot Tools: Depending on the type of bag or office space you own having the proper hot tools (curling iron, flat iron, etc) is perfect for transforming your office hair to happy hour hair. Whether you are going out for drinks with the ladies or a spontaneous early dinner with a date, you can quickly achieve sleek straight hair or bouncy, voluminous curls or whatever style you choose. You know how to work those styling tools.

Concealer: Concealer is perhaps the  most important make-up product known to woman. After working all day, your face might be in need of a little help, especially under the eyes. Concealer gives your face an automatic refresher that’s so needed for happy hour fun.

Stilettos: The higher the better!  Nothing says post office fun like a great pair of heels.  And they can quickly turn that conservative office attire into sexy after five fab!


What are your favorite tips and tools for transitioning from work to play?