You may feel like we are too far into Summer to try to improve your figure, but when I recently met and interviewed The Biggest Loser coach Bob Harper he made me feel like anything is possible. His positive energy is contagious and made me wish he could be my personal trainer. e did leave me with what may be the next best thing…his new book, Jumpstart To Skinny. This book gives you a 3-week plan to a better body and a jump start to a healthier life. Here are some of my favorite quick tips from the book to get you started, but you are going to have to pick it up for yourself if you want more details. And please consult a doctor before beginning any fitness, weight loss or body altering program)

*Don’t eat complex carbs after breakfast. That means no rice, bread, pasta… not even wheat or multigrain (I know, I know). Stick to simple carbs like veggies and fruits. If you didn’t k now those were carbs, well… just trust me on this one.

* Drink more water and cut the salt. You know why.

*Do 45 minutes of low-intensity cardio BEFORE BREAKFAST. Bob says getting in early guarantees we won’t put it off for another day. And he says low intensity means just that. He says we can walk or march in place, but there is no need to even leave the house.

*Daily Supplements of Fish Oil. Why? Ever feel sore after getting back to your work out? Well the Fish oil can help with post exercise soreness and also boost immunity.

Bob goes into great detail about each of these and much more in the book, but until you get the book in your hands, you can jump start Bob’s JumpStart!

See you on the beach!