By Coach Jaz
OK ladies… Barbecue season is here and July 4th is the Big Mama of summertime celebrations!  And just like everyone else, we Single ladies want to indulge in all those calorie  packed foods and cocktails.  You may think being healthy means skipping out on all the yummy fun, but I am here to tell you that all you need to do is make healthy choices!  Check out my quick tips to keep you in the mix as you eat lean and clean.

1-Be a conscious eater: Eat ONLY when you’re hungry, not because there’s unlimited food.

2-Customize your plate: Have salad and all the veggies you want before grabbing that hot dog or burger.

3-Cocktails: Mixed drinks carry crazy calories. Opt for a beer  or light beer (still a lot of empty calories but less sugar) or vodka based cocktail with seltzer with twist of lemon or lime, and make sure you keep yourself hydrated with water .

4-Stay active:  Burn those calories off by hitting the dance floor or take a walk, do anything to keep you active AND away from the food table.

Most of all enjoy yourself and have a great holiday!