Happy Friday! Coach Jaz here with  the Fit Factory NYC Tip Of the Week. If you are pressed for time and only have 15 mins you can still get a great workout in. It’s not about quantity but quality and efficiency of the workout.

Once you have a doctors approval to exercise try this “Jazzy 5″ workout. S Exercises executed for 1 min each and repeat 2x after a 5 min warm up.

Today’s “Jazzy 5″
Perform a 5 min warm up
1 min jumping jacks
1 min fast jog in place
1 min speed skaters
1 min butt kicks
1 min inchworm
1 min push up on wall or floor
1 min Squats with or without weight
1 min dips or tricep extensions
1 min sit ups with or without weight
1 min burpees or squat thrust
Repeat 2x

Workout completed now stretch and hydrate well (see previous Fit Factory Friday post about hydrating).   Pushing through without recovering  increases the intensity and calorie burn.

No more excuses! Having limited time should never stop you from working out.

Have a great weekend!

Coach Jaz