By Coach Jaz

As soon as you ask a woman what her fitness goals are, she will most likely answer:  “I want to just tone up, lose my belly and maybe grow a bigger butt.”  Unfortunately, many women believe that spending hours on a daily basis doing cardio will get them their desire look.  Do not get me wrong, cardio is a great way to get you in shape and get you started but the secret for fat loss and getting that “toned” look lies behind strength training.

To make it simple, look at it this way: when you lose weight your body has no place to hold the skin, however, when you do strength training you build the muscles that will replace the fat and hold your skin.

In comparison to just cardio, building muscle provides an incredible amount of benefits to your body no matter the age:

-Increase in bone density
-Increase of fat loss
-Increase in stamina and sex drive
-Increases life span and helps immune system
-Decreases stress
-Increases confidence
-Speeds up metabolism
-Burns fat while resting

What’s great is there are many physical activities that allow you to build muscle while doing cardio.  A boot camp is the perfect example.  My Pace4success indoor boot camp helps participants build strength, flexibility and muscular endurance. In addition we use Kettlebells, Free Weights, Glides, Jumpropes, BOSU, TRX, Medicine Balls, Stability Balls & Body Bars to really maximize your workout & take you to the next level. You burn anywhere from 600-1000 calories per session based on the intensity of the class and in no time you will reach your goal of being your healthy best.  Be sure to consult a doctor before trying these or any workout.