Coach Jaz here with the Fitness Tip of the Week! Let’s talk  about water and the importance of hydration in relation to  everyday living and exercise. nearly two thirds of your body is made up of water so this makes water your #1 “go to ” beverage when it comes to staying healthy. You can go without food for several weeks but without water only less than a week. Let’s talk about a few great benefits of drinking water.

Drinking cold water will give your metabolism an added boost. Get ready to burn extra calories as your body works to warm up the cold water

Dehydration causes wrinkles and fine lines so drinking water aids in a healthy skin an beauty regimen. We always worry about creams for the external but youthful skin starts with water.

It’s really important to start your workout hydrated as dehydration causes nausea, dizziness, fatigue and poor performance. If you sweat a lot you need to increase your electrolyte intake so consume a sports beverage, coconut water or add electrolyte tabs to your water.

Put a bottle of water on your night stand and drink the first thing in the AM. Make sure your urine is light in collie as darker shaded urine is a sure sign of dehydration. It’s important to hydrate before during and after your workout for optimal performance so drink up.

Coach Jasmine is an ACE Certified Trainer, an RRCA Certified Running Coach and a TRX Certified Trainer. She also holds certifications in Kettlebells & Tabata Bootcamp. She is extremely motivating and her classes are high energy, high intensity and challenging in a good way.  Presently she is kicking my butt 3 x a week!