By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief

As a teenager, I could not wait to get the August, Back to School edition of Seventeen magazine.  I would carefully examine every page, advertisements included, in search of inspiration for my style for the new year.  But it wasn’t just the fashion.  It was the excitement of the beginning of a new school year.

Even though my school days are far behind, Fall is still my favorite season.  I still love the sweaters and boots, in addition to all the new television shows and the return of my favorites… but mostly fall continues to feel like a new beginning to me.  I’m sure I am not the only one that sees Autumn as an opportunity to start over or take things to the next level.

Here are some things you might consider trying in honor of the new season:

1.  Drop Bad Habits/Start Good Habits-They say it takes 28 days to break a bad habit.  That means it can also take the same amount of time to pick up a good one.  This season is a great day to stop swearing, stop taking work home, stop smoking or to start working out (just in time for the holidays), start saving money or just make your bed everyday.  You could be a better you by October!

2.  Refresh Your Wardrobe-Everywhere you look, fashion experts are talking about clothing trends for the fall season.  Whether you’ve been thinking of stepping up your style or not, you could use those new trends as your guide.  It can be easy to get into a wardrobe rut, where you get so busy that what you are wearing is the last thing on your mind.  Why not spend this weekend revamping your style?  Begin by looking for inspiration in fashion magazines or style blogs.  Then taken inventory of what you have and if needed, do some shopping!

3.  Forgive-This is a tough one.  But try thinking about this quote… “Forgiveness doesn’t forgive their behavior, it prevents their behavior from destroying your heart”.  It’s time for new beginning and it’s time to let that hardness in your heart go.  There’s a lot of advice out there on how to forgive.  Find one that works for you and let it go.  It doesn’t mean you have to forget, but it can free you from the darkness in your heart freeing up more space for love.

4.  Learn Something New-Since fall reminds we adults of going back to school, why not kick off the season by learning something new.  Most of us have a hobby we’ve been thinking about starting but just haven’t had the time.  Whether it’s jewelry making, learning a new language, a cooking class or swimming lessons, you are just a decision away from launching a new chapter in your life.  Stop waiting.  Sign up today!