By Jacque Reid

Former supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks is returning to the tv talk show game.  The Associated Press reports Tyra will lead a new show with a panel of experts to talk fashion, entertainment and other lifestyle topics.  No word yet on who the other panelist will be, but AP reports the show is backed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.  In addition to being the lead host, Tyra will also executive produce the show.

Like most Single women, Tyra wants to get married and have children.  She’s spoken openly about  it over the years, even saying she wanted to have children with or without a husband and is open to adoption.   What I love is that Tyra doesn’t seem to mourn not having a hubby or kids to the point that she doesn’t live her life.  She continues to make her time on this earth count.   I respect that she took some time out after her first tv talk show, and completed a special business program at Harvard University.  She didn’t receive her M.B.A. but instead attended the school’s Owner/President management extension program.   It’s expensive, but a smart option for someone who doesn’t have the time or the desire to go to business school full time.  I am sure what she learned at Harvard will serve her well in making her new talk show a success.

Tyra’s new show doesn’t have a name yet, but AP reports the show “will motivate people to improve and enhance their lives by providing cutting edge guidance”.   Another show Tyra created, America’s Next Top Model, will also continue to air in 186 countries.  No question this lady is Single and Living Fab!