They call it ‘Skinny-Fat’.  It is when you have a small body frame, but with limited body definition and collections of fat in all the wrong spots… like up and down your belly,  upper arms and the sides of your back.  It’s not cute, especially as you start getting older and your butt, breast and skin start sagging.  Granted, the Skinny Fat Girl may not have the challenge of having to lose a lot of weight, but her body is still needs an overhaul.  And that takes work and discipline.

Well, right now I’m the poster child for the SFGs.  I used to be serious about my fitness, but honestly I have fallen off the past few years.  And now my body needs some serious work.  I don’t want to loose weight, but I need to burn off those pockets of fat and build some muscle…. especially in my skinny little legs and my you-can’t-be-a-black-girl glutes.  And let’s face it, as a Single lady that still has hope of finding a significant other, I know I  need to be at my physical best.

I’ve been trying to do it on my own.  But with my busy schedule, it’s been difficult to stay focused.  So I teamed up with fitness coach Jaz Graham of Fit Factory New York.   She promises she can get me Fit Factory Fine in no time. In fact, she says I should see results in one month.

Initially I had my doubts about her ‘one month’ results goal, but after just 3 days of grueling, yet fun 1 hour sessions with Jaz, I am convinced.  That’s because right now, every part of my body is sore (except my hair), but I feel good.  My energy is up; I feel more motivated to ‘eat clean'; and my confidence is strong.

Jaz is no joke.  She is a long standing, accredited fitness trainer/expert.  She has completed several marathons and turns everyday people into marathon runners (In fact, we first met when she coached my New York Marathon group).  She has a loyal following for her ‘Runners Bootcamp’, provides personal training and teaches a number of innovative fitness classes at her boutique gym.  I actually first met Jaz, when she trained my running group for the New York City Marathon.  She pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed.  But while she is tough, her approach also includes positive/encouraging energy and her unique exercises will make you want to work hard.  Her approach to fitness is the use of functional training… meaning her exercises mimic how we function in everyday life.  There are no machines in the Fit Factory… just lots of equipment like ropes, kettlebells, balls, boxing bags, etc.  During our first segment,  she had me try TRX suspension training for the first time.  I LOVED it, but my legs and my glutes are on fire as I write this blog.

Jaz also said “abs are made in the kitchen”, meaning if I want that six pack, which I do, I have to alter my eating.  I honestly thought that if I worked out hard, I would not have to be as restrictive with my eating.  But Jaz says if I want the best results, I have to stop eating processed, fatty, salty foods. I’ve actually been doing this anyway, but I still need to cut back on the cocktails and the occasional order of buffalo chicken wings… and cheese grits… and fried catfish… french fries… wow, this is not going to be easy.

Check out more of my video workouts with Jaz on my Instagram.