If you love living life in the Fab Lane, then today is going to be a good day.  It’s National Croissant Day and what better reason to indulge in this buttery viennoiserie!  I’m sure your local bakery will have plenty on hand to celebrate the holiday, but if you’re in the New York City area the folks over at Financier Patisserie will honor the day by introducing three new croissants.

For your savory taste buds:

The Florentine Wheel-Cooked fresh spinach and feta with a thin layer of bechamel served warm with an optional over easy egg or side salad

The Chicken Chausson-Chicken diced with mushrooms and bechamel served warm with an optional side salad.

And for your sweet tooth…

Financier introduces The Pecan Glazed Croissant-A pecan and honey stuffed croissant topped with a pecan sugar glaze.

And don’t miss out on their best sellers:

The Pain Au Chocolat and The Almond Croissant

S&LF interviewed Financier Chef Eric Bedoucha for some secrets on how to create the perfect croissant and what to top it with.

S&LF:     What is it that Financier does in the process of making their croissants that make them of such good quality?

Chef B:  The croissants are made in a room that is kept cool and it is kept at the same temperature all year long. The cool temperature is very important when making the dough as the temperature affects the dough’s texture and consistency.  It is also important to use a high quality butter with a high fat content. If the fat content is low it will break down and the dough will have a watery texture. Financier uses the highest quality butter when making all of the croissants. The other important part of the process is the ratio of dough to butter. Financier’s ratio is 2 parts dough to 1 part butter. This ratio creates a flaky texture when the dough and butter are layered. Financier bakes their croissants daily; they are made in our Brooklyn commissary in the early morning hours and then delivered to the 10 Manhattan stores.  You cannot compare a freshly made croissant to one that is frozen, thawed and baked!

S&LF:    What do you recommend are the best spreads to pair with croissants?
Chef B:   My favorite way to eat a croissant is to break it apart and dip it into his Café au Lait. The French typically add salty butter to their croissants. Fresh preserves and nutella are great recommendations to pair with a croissant. Just picture the nutella melting on a hot croissant!

Sounds amazing! Enjoy!