Single Minded Sista

he snores, you suffer

The Disappearing Woman Syndrome

Most of us have deal breakers when it comes to dating. One of my top five is snoring. I will not date anyone who snores. Because I am not ...
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It's Time We Made Peace With The Holidays

It’s Time We Made Peace With the Holidays!

Labor Day is the last official weekend of summer. It’s also a ‘holiday’, a word many single ladies despise. Holidays are when people make ...
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He’s Out There

I can't tell you how many times I've been embarrassed, insulted or pissed off by something someone says about my being single. Most of the time ...
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Single Mom By Choice

I'll give you 5 minutes. Exactly 5 minutes after meeting Jacqui Stafford you will realize you adore her! Not only does the fashion editor, style ...
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