Single Minded Sista

Picture 607

**Meaningful Monday** Let People Feel What They Feel

On Mother's Day, I posted a Facebook message suggesting that people be mindful of woman that may not want to celebrate on this holiday for various ...
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Pround to wear my glorious glasses!

Learning To Wear My Glasses And Live Authentically!

I have about 10 pairs of glasses.  Not that I know where they all are, but when they're accounted for, I own 10 pairs in a variety of colors and ...
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Depressed man with fist clenched leaning his head against a wall

Stop Worrying Guys… Happily Single Girls Don’t Hate Good Men!

I am delighted to get so much feedback for S&LF!  Good or bad, I try my best to respond to post here and those that come via email.  Not ...
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Picture 551

Growing Old Gracefully. Seriously?

Hi. My name is Jacque and I have a problem with getting older. I'm not as uncomfortable about it as I used to be, but I still have a long way to ...
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All About That Life…Without a Man!

It is hard for many people to believe that a woman would choose to never marry, even if she met her soul mate. But there are plenty of women who ...
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being mary jane friend

Real Girlfriends Get Involved-Being Mary Jane

There was a lot going on in this week's 2 hour season finale of 'Being Mary Jane'!  Mary Jane got suspended from work, her niece had the baby, her ...
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Beautiful Woman On The Beach

‘Be True To You’, And Other Advice From A Married Woman

While I draw much inspiration from my fellow fabulous Single women, there is much we can learn from our married female friends (and vice versa).  ...
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Picture 505

Desperate Not To Be Single-Being Mary Jane

"You would not build a house on a shaky foundation. Should not the same apply to a relationship?". That thought kept running through my mind while ...
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Tamar Arslanian-I have cat

S&LF ‘It Girl’ Tamar Arslanian!

Everyone knows I LOVE my dogs! Don't even ask me if I had to choose between my dogs and my perfect man which would make the cut, because you know ...
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Don’t Be Ashamed of Being Single on Valentine’s Day!

I was speaking with a friend the other day who confessed that she was embarrassed to be single on Valentine's Day.  She said, as if she were at ...
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