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The NFL, Domestic Violence and Me

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief "That night, we were kissing passionately in his apartment. We were still fully dressed, but there was that ...
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Get Back To What Makes You Happy

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief   A negative experience can change the course of your life if you let it.   I learned that lesson ...
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Lessons From Single Girls on TV: Ask About His Relationship Status

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief There is a hot new drama on Starz that just wrapped up it's first season.  It's called Power and stars the ...
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Michelle And Barack Obama

Finding True Love: You Are Worth The Wait!

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief For reasons I can't articulate, I have not found 'the one'.  It's not for lack of trying.  I have quite the ...
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Business Plan - Woman Drawing

**Meaningful Monday** Dating With A Plan B!

This weekend, a dear friend and I had a serious session of 'girlfriend therapy' as we commiserated about dating woes.  It's something we do from ...
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Cameron Diaz at "The Green Hornet" Los Angeles Premiere, Chinese

It’s Okay To Choose NOT To Be A Mother!

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief I dream of the day when a celebrity woman says she doesn't or may not want to have children, and that declarat...
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LOS ANGELES - AUG 14:  Tyra Banks arriving at the 2011 VH1 Do So

Fab Single Girl Tyra Banks’ New TV Gig!

By Jacque Reid Former supermodel and businesswoman Tyra Banks is returning to the tv talk show game.  The Associated Press reports Tyra will ...
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George Clooney at the "The Ides Of March" Los Angeles Premiere,

What Single Ladies Can Learn From George Clooney!

By Jacque Reid There was a collective gasp heard 'round the world when news broke that actor/activist George Clooney had 'put a ring on it'.   ...
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Lessons From Single Girls On TV: Do You! (Grey’s Anatomy)

By Jacque Reid I've watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy twice, so far, since it aired on Thursday.  I'm certain I cried more the second ...
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Young Boy Giving Young Girl Flowers And Smiling

**Meaningful Monday** Be Kind

By Jacque Reid Lately, I've spent some time blocking people from my social media for meanness.  Listen, I am no saint.  Over the years, I've ...
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