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Fit Factory Friday! Strength Training vs Cardio

By Coach Jaz As soon as you ask a woman what her fitness goals are, she will most likely answer:  “I want to just tone up, lose my belly and ...
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The Single Girl and Alzheimer’s: Info You Should Know!

By Jacque Reid When news broke that lifestyle expert, restauranteur and former model B. Smith was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's, it broke my ...
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**Fit Factory Friday** Blast Fat Fast!

By Coach Jaz Many times we only have 10 or 15 minutes to work out and we opt to do nothing. We have been programmed to think that we need one ...
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**Fit Factory Friday** Hot Summer Booty Workout!

By Coach Jaz: It's getting warmer and no woman wants the extra jiggle of a flabby booty, especially in that bathing suit!  After getting ...
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Plus Size Woman Is Fed Up And Tired Of Exercising

**Fit Factory Friday** Hitting That Weight Loss Wall

Many of you are trying to lose those last few pounds before the Summer starts. After losing weight rather quickly in the beginning on your weight ...
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**Fit Factory Friday** The 15 Minute Workout. For Real!

Happy Friday! Coach Jaz here with  the Fit Factory NYC Tip Of the Week. If you are pressed for time and only have 15 mins you can still get a ...
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Fit Factory Friday!!! Drink Up, Ladies!

Coach Jaz here with the Fitness Tip of the Week! Let's talk  about water and the importance of hydration in relation to  everyday living and ...
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Could ‘Functional Training’ Get My Sexy Back?

They call it 'Skinny-Fat'.  It is when you have a small body frame, but with limited body definition and collections of fat in all the wrong ...
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Growing Old Gracefully. Seriously?

Hi. My name is Jacque and I have a problem with getting older. I'm not as uncomfortable about it as I used to be, but I still have a long way to ...
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Jacque’s Hair Intervention: Week 2

As I go into week two of my "hair intervention", I realize that I am not stressing as much about my damaged tresses.  I am still not completely ...
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