Live Healthy


90 Days To A New Me and You

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief They say it takes 28 days to wipe out or create a habit.  Well, I'm giving myself 90 to get to my healthy best. ...
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The 22 Day Vegan Challenge… I’m Doing It!

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief I've made a big decision.  I'm giving up meat and dairy, and I'm only eating plant based food for the next 22 ...
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Yes, Yoga IS For You! Here’s How To Get Started

In her new book, Yes! Yoga Has Curves, yoga expert Yoga Dana A. Smith, aka The Yoga Diva, proves women of all shapes, sizes and skill levels should ...
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Sexual Health

Can You Contract HPV from Sex Toys?

By DR. DRAI, OB/GYN A NEW study published in The Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections found that men and women who shared sex toys could ...
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Hispanic Woman Fitness Low Plank

Fit Factory Friday: You Are One Move Away From A Better Core!

By Coach Jaz Summertime is winding down, and now is the perfect time to make the commitment to sticking to a health and fitness routine that ...
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Fresh Organic Greek Yogurt With Strawberries

5 Tasty Healthy Snacks

 Have you ever been so hungry at work or somewhere far from home and your only resource is that vending machine filled with candy and sugar ...
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Portrait of a young woman holding her nose because of a bad smel

5 Surprising Causes of Embarrassing Feminine Odor

By DR. DRAI, OB/GYN Ladies – let’s talk.  Are you in the habit of smelling your undies on a daily basis?  Is it because they smell like ...
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Strong fitness woman showing back and biceps muscles strength. F

Fit Factory Friday: At Home Workout for Sexy Summer Arms

By: COACH JAZ Summer is in full swing and we all want to look great in our tanks and strapless tops and dresses. No one likes the dreaded ...
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Runner woman athlete running sprinting fast. Female sport fitnes

5 Reasons You Should Start Running

By Jasmine Graham   Running has been the stepchild of the cardio world because of myths relating to injuries that it causes and ...
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A picnic table set up with a Fourth of July theme. Horizontal fo

**Fit Factory Friday** Tips For A Guilt-Free 4th!

By Coach Jaz OK ladies… Barbecue season is here and July 4th is the Big Mama of summertime celebrations!  And just like everyone else, we ...
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