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The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day (in case you didn't know and have been hiding under a rock)! Who says it has to be a sad day for the Single woman? ...
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Safety Tips for the Single Woman

We Single ladies love living the fab life, and often that means getting out of the house!  But it can be dangerous out there. In the U.S., ...
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Bringing Home the Bacon: When Is It Ok to Give the Man You’re Dating Money?

Being in a relationship can come with its share of ups and downs. Add in finances and money issues and you could have the perfect recipe for a ...
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Get Your Red On! #GoRed

Hey Single Ladies!  Today is the day to wear red and help raise awareness about women being Heart Healthy! Why?  In 2003, research revealed ...
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The Single Gospel Singer, Sex And A Baby!

If you're a Single, Christian adult woman and you've had sex out of wedlock, chances are, you've felt guilty about it.  I know I have.  But is ...
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You Don’t Have To Die Alone: Being Mary Jane

If you're a single lady, BET's Being Mary Jane should be  required viewing (Tues. 10 pm EST).  Mary Jane is a single, successful tv host, living ...
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Moving in Together

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Shacking Up

BY: MARSHA BARNES Financial Literacy Coach As extreme as it may sound, love does not pay any bills—and lust will not keep a relationship ...
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How To Beat The Single Girl Blues

How To Beat The ‘Single Girl Blues’

Can single women be happy? It is an ongoing debate. While I am hopeful that my husband is out there, I am happy being single AND I accept that I ...
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Single Moms’ Child Support Mistakes

It's not news that being a single mom can be tough, especially the financial challenge. But there may be a way to ease the burden if you are ...
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Find Out What Singlism Is All About

Single, But Not Alone

If you’re not happy with the fact that you are single, a big part of the reason may be society’s perception of you. We singles often encounter ...
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