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Start Your Mornings With A Cup Of Confidence!

By Tiffany Chandler It is said that how you begin your day determines how the rest of the day goes.  And it is vital, especially for Single ...
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Scared… Lonely… Depressed? There Is A Community For That!

By Asia Gaskin As FAB as it is to be single and sexy in 2014, for many single women, the silence of loneliness can be louder than midtown ...
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George Clooney at the "The Ides Of March" Los Angeles Premiere,

What Single Ladies Can Learn From George Clooney!

By Jacque Reid There was a collective gasp heard 'round the world when news broke that actor/activist George Clooney had 'put a ring on it'.   ...
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Lessons From Single Girls On TV: Do You! (Grey’s Anatomy)

By Jacque Reid I've watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy twice, so far, since it aired on Thursday.  I'm certain I cried more the second ...
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Young Boy Giving Young Girl Flowers And Smiling

**Meaningful Monday** Be Kind

By Jacque Reid Lately, I've spent some time blocking people from my social media for meanness.  Listen, I am no saint.  Over the years, I've ...
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**Meaningful Monday** Let People Feel What They Feel

On Mother's Day, I posted a Facebook message suggesting that people be mindful of woman that may not want to celebrate on this holiday for various ...
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Woman Depressed. Series

**Meaningful Monday** How To Be Your Best When Feeling Your Worst

From time to time, we all go through something that can severly  interupt our peace of mind... a bad break up, the loss of a job, news that you ...
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Pround to wear my glorious glasses!

Learning To Wear My Glasses And Live Authentically!

I have about 10 pairs of glasses.  Not that I know where they all are, but when they're accounted for, I own 10 pairs in a variety of colors and ...
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Depressed man with fist clenched leaning his head against a wall

Stop Worrying Guys… Happily Single Girls Don’t Hate Good Men!

I am delighted to get so much feedback for S&LF!  Good or bad, I try my best to respond to post here and those that come via email.  Not ...
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Workplace Discrimination And The Single Girl!

I've caught myself laughing out loud when my manager asks myself and a group of coworkers to volunteer for an assignment and the one among us who ...
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