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The Single Girl And Someone Else’s Wedding

By Asha Tarry, Mental Health Expert Wedding season is underway.  If you haven't already attended someone's nuptials, you are probably planning ...
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Ten Things

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief We all have days where we just don't want to get out of bed, but life is calling so staying under the covers is ...
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Single Wives Club

By Jacque Reid, Editor In Chief One thing most married people will tell you is that marriage is hard.  That is evident by the high number of ...
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Finance 101: Living by Percentages

By MARSHA BARNES, Financial Literacy Coach Many have sat thinking that their Prince Michael, Prince Charles, or even Prince Charming may arrive ...
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6 Financial Documents that Every Woman Should Have

By MARSHA BARNES, financial literacy coach How many of us can say with confidence that our financial documents are  safeguarded, neat and ...
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The (Mostly Awesome) Realities of Post-Divorce Dating

By Demetria Irwin, Managing Editor The last time I was truly Single, I was 25 years old, new to New York City and going out (alone, with friends ...
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10 Songs to Help You Get Over Him!

I can't speak for everyone, but for me... going through a break up is near the top of my list things that I want to avoid at all cost.   One ...
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Dollars and Dating: What You Need To Know About His Finances

By MARSHA BARNES (Certified Financial Education Instructor) There are many couples that debate over money or financial differences. For several ...
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Just Say No.

Understanding Street Harassment And What You Can Do About It!

  By Tiffany Chandler There is nothing new about women getting unwanted attention in public. Whether we are Single or married, ...
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Taking On Street Harassment with #YouOkSis

  By Demetria Irwin, Managing Editor Feminist, activist and blogger Feminista Jones has launched a new  campaign called #YouOkSis ...
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