Live Beautiful


SHEEQ Cosmetics Celebrates Women of Color

If you have a drawer full of beauty products that have never seen the light of day, read on! Melissa Hibbert, founder of SHEEQ Cosmetics, gives ...
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Get Your Party On Without Missing A Beauty Beat!

Life in the ‘Fab Lane’ can often mean late nights and plenty of cocktails. But beauty expert Anna De Sousa warns even the best of us are not ...
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Picture 92

From The Pros

THE PRO:  Anna De Souza THE BACKGROUND:  On-Air Beauty and Lifestyle Expert RECOMMENDATIONS: Kate Somerville Dermal Quench Liquid ...
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Picture 16

From The Pros

I am excited to introduce a new feature here on S&LF called "From The Pros".  I am blessed that through my work I am able to connect with some ...
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winter coats

Your Coat Closet

Many of us look forward to the fall season...  the foliage; warm ,autumnal soups and beverages; and for fashion lovers... boots and sweaters! ...
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Happy Single Woman

National Single And Unmarried Week: My Aha Moment

To borrow from one of my favorite single ladies, Oprah, let me tell you about the 'Aha' moment that lead me to launching ...
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Get Your Shop On

Get Your Shopping Strategy Together!

It has become a shopping moment that is starting to rival Black Friday... the collaboration between elite fashion designers and affordable stores. ...
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Live Beautiful and Stylish at Every Age!

At some point, most women will reach the age when we say to ourselves, “Am I too old to wear that?” While you want to be mindful of what ...
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Beauty and the Brow

I love a perfect brow. Most of us aren't born with them, but here is where the phrase "fake it until you make it" comes into play. Check out this ...
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