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Jacque’s Hair Intervention: It’s Growing Back!!!!

By Jacque Reid Yesterday was a great day!  After about 8 weeks since the start of my hair intervention, I went for a relaxer/touch and and ...
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**Meaningful Monday** 9 Ways To ‘Be On’ During A Personal Crisis!

By Stacia Pierce Pursuing your dreams can have its challenges and sometimes be very emotional. Especially when life demands that you Be on-ready ...
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Beauty Bucket List!

I live for the beauty segments we have on my daily tv show, New York Live.  But this week's segment just about took my breath away!  At first, I ...
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Jacque’s Hair Intervention: Week 3

I am at the 3-week mark of my hair intervention and I must admit I am disappointed that I'm not seeing more evidence of growth. I get that 3 ...
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Jacque’s Hair Intervention: Week 2

As I go into week two of my "hair intervention", I realize that I am not stressing as much about my damaged tresses.  I am still not completely ...
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My hair in 2010. Flawless.

Jacque’s Hair Intervention

Thursday, March 6th 2014 is a day I thought would never come.  That is the day I decided to add hair to my hair.  It is something I thought I ...
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5 Dangerous Toxins That May Be Lurking in Your Nail Polish

Nothing completes an outfit like the perfect manicure, complete with a fresh coat of polish. But do you really know what that pretty nail lacquer ...
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7 Beauty Essentials for Your Bedside Table

As a Single woman, being beautiful for me is important.  And my goal is to look good at all times...  even when I am getting in or out of bed.  ...
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Shoe Love: This Season’s Most Delectable Shoes in Calf-Skin

Although many of us are still fighting bitter cold temperatures and shoveling snow, the Spring season is fast approaching. But before you dive into ...
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Fun & Flirty: How to Find the Most Flattering Skirt For Your Frame

How do you hide your flaws and still play up your assets? By finding your correct silhouette in skirts, you can be the bell of the ball or office ...
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